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Scoops reveals the why behind user behaviour with AI-powered interviews and automated analysis

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Understanding why just got whole lot easier

A research tool that feels like magic. Taking you from question to insight in a flash.

Three things you need to know...

1. Your next study written for you

Scoops writes qualitative studies that are designed to guide the conversation to get the understanding you need.

2. Conversations that go deeper than forms

A chatbot designed to learn more. Users share more information helping you build a deeper understanding.

3. The insights that matter, in a flash

Scoops analyses the data for you, saving days of effort so you can spend more time building a great product.

It’s a no-brainer, but we’ll spell it out anyway

Time saver

Super-fast! Insights in hours, not weeks

Set your objectives and start collecting feedback in minutes. Scoops does the rest for you, you’re welcome.


Become a truly user-centred business

Share with the team or quick-copy into your presentations to help everyone see what customers think.


Actionable insights that give you clarity

Quant data shows you what happened. Find out how audiences feel to get to what works quicker.

Designed for those who scream, Why?!

For Creative Agencies

Agencies can validate ideas and inform strategy

Get the insights that guide your team to winning ideas and get buy-in from stakeholders.

For DTC brands

Brands can build deep customer understanding

Set your objectives and send out a survey. Scoops does the rest for you. You’re welcome.

Scoops feels like you’re having conversations with customers. We built a full library of intelligent, outcome-driven insights in a day.

Ed Little, Creative Director
Regular Practice

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