Understanding audiences just got a whole lot easier

To all the marketeers, visionaries, rebels, and pioneers...

When it comes to the latest tech, you’ve been underserved.

Especially in one of the core parts of your job... understanding audiences.

Your challenge is to take a product, brand, or service and align its message with the emotional feelings of it's customers.

In the past, physical stores allowed us to converse directly with our customers, gaining insights firsthand.

Then came the internet era, where customers transformed into mere numbers.

These figures sufficed for making educated guesses about strategic shifts—sometimes accurate, sometimes not.

The practice of market research emerged.

Customers got asked to fill out forms and pick one of five options.

But despite researchers’ best efforts, the data came back as more numbers instead of the deeper understanding.

If only it was easy to really understand what customers think and feel.

Scoops exists for this purpose.

We’ve replaced the survey with a conversation.

Put a Scoops survey in front of your people and we’ll make them feel comfortable and dig into their why.

Before you know it, you’ll feel like you truly understand what makes them tick.

It’s our gift to the underserved, over-stretched Marketers, the ones who believe in community building, change making, and crazy ideas.

With Scoops you can do the research to make it all possible.

Adison Clark

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